Laurel Hill GIS Team

Jody Mc Cain is the president of Laurel Hill GIS, Inc. Jody has a Philosophy degree from California State University San Bernardino. She started working for ESRI-Redlands in 1991. She worked in the database services group for four years. After moving to Colorado in 1995, she worked with Miner & Miner as a project analyst, eventually working as project manager for several of their large AM/FM implementations. Jody left Miner & Miner in August of 1999 and founded Laurel Hill GIS in 2000.

Matt Mc Cain is the vice-president of Laurel Hill GIS Inc. Matt has a Cartography degree from University of Wisconsin, Madison. He started working for ESRI-Redlands in 1990. He was the technical manager for the Digital Chart of the World project. He continued working for ESRI in their Database Services group and was a key project manager for large enterprise solutions in the AM/FM market. Matt left ESRI in 1997 to start Dog Creek Design & Consulting, Inc. With Dog Creek, Matt worked on numerous projects involving quality assurance and data acceptance. In January of 2001, Matt joined Jody in Laurel Hill GIS, Inc.

Nathan Paris is the Lead Software Architect of Laurel Hill GIS Inc. Nathan has a Computer Science degree from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. He has over 14 years of OO development experience in multiple horizontal and vertical markets, and has focused on GIS for the last 6. Nathan began to immerse himself in Agile Practices back in 2000 starting with Test Driven Development (TDD). After seeing the immediate benefits in software quality, he has never looked back and continues to push Agile Practices internally for the GeoData Product line as well as externally for Custom GIS application development projects.