GeoData Sentry ™ Product Information


Whats new in 3.4

Integration with GeoData Random Sampler

GeoData Sentry 3.4 allows users to write the errors to GeoData Random Sampler format. Now when errors are detected with Sentry, they can be viewed with Random Sampler. If you are not familiar with Random Sampler, it is an ArcMap extension for sampling features, inspecting and correcting errors. Sentry now leverages Sampler’s ability to zoom to errors. Errors may be noted for correction, or they can be corrected on the spot using GeoData Random Sampler.

Command Line Execution of GeoData Sentry

GeoData Sentry 3.4 includes the ability to run at the command line. This allows users to create batch files to be run as scheduled tasks. This function gives Sentry the flexibility to run on-demand via the user interface, or on a specific schedule, via the scheduled task. Scheduled validation with Sentry maintains geodatabase data quality well beyond the data acceptance phase in a geodatabase lifecycle.


Determining Data Quality is now possible with GeoData Sentry™.

GeoData Sentry™ is an automated QA/QC product for testing ArcGIS geodatabases. Sentry is a critical component in any quality assurance plan whether it is for data migration, data acceptance or ongoing production database auditing. Sentry user-friendly interface allows for easy test suite creation. Once the test suites are created they can be run over and over again. Errors are reported in HTML that can be used by editor of the data, but also managers to track overall database quality. Monitoring ongoing quality of the enterprise geodatabase has never been so easy.

GeoData Sentry 3.4 Editions

GeoData Sentry™ has three different editions available at version 3.1. Below are the tests that are available for each edition and the geodatabase connection support for each edition.

Test Categories and Tests
Personal Professional Enterprise
Attribute Tests

Coded Domain Test

Range Domain Test
Non-Standard Test
NULL Values Test
Unique Values Test
Single Values Test
Column Length Test
Subtype Values Test
Custom Query Test
Table Relationship Test
Spatial Relationship Tests  
Intersect Test  
Logical Connectivity Tests    
Edge To Edge Test    
Junction To Edge Test    
Edge To Edge with Junction Filter Test    

Geodatabase Connection Support
Personal Professional Enterprise
Personal geodatabase

File geodatabase

Oracle Enterprise SDE geodatabase  
SQL Server Enterprise SDE geodatabase