GeoData Random Sampler 1.3 Download



Version 1.3.6 for ArcGIS 10.2.1

Version: 1.3.6 Download
Date 6/24/2016
File Size: 8MB

Version 1.3.4 for ArcGIS 10.1

Version: 1.3.4 Download
Date 11/202013
File Size: 8MB

Version 1.3.3 for ArcGIS 10

Version: 1.3.3 Download
Date 05062013
File Size: 7MB


Version 1.3.2 for ArcGIS 9.3

Version: 1.3.2 Download
Build: 11890
File Size: 7MB


Version 1.2.1 for ArcGIS 9.2 SP5 and SP6

Version: 1.2.1 Download
Build: 40390
File Size: 7MB


If installing GeoData Random Sampler using Concurrent Licensing, you will also need to install the Network License Server.

Network License Server Download


These instructions will guide you through the installation process and how to obtain a keycode from Laurel Hill.

Concurrent License Installation Instructions : Download


These instructions will guide you through the installation process and how to obtain a keycode from Laurel Hill.

Stand Alone License Installation Instructions : Download

Version Details:

1.3.6 for 10.2.1 (6/24/2016)

  • #122233049 - Error with qualified name for SQLServer databases

1.3.1 for 10.0 SP 5 (04/29/2013)

  • Added: Site Licensing Option

1.3.2 for 9.3 (11/17/2011)

  • Fixed: Unnecessary selection of feature with definition queries in the select set being sampled.

1.3.1 (11/14/2011)

  • Added: Most recent updates of network license manager executables and dlls.
  • Added: Fail over capability to configure up to 4 license servers, as well as timeout setting.
  • Fixed: Erratic zooming when stepping through a sample.
  • Fixed: Unnecessary display of the "View Attributes" window when stepping through a sample.
  • Fixed: Added back the "Select Features" button to the sample dockable window.

1.3.0 (8/29/2011):

  • Added: Support for ArcGIS 10

1.2.1 (1/5/2011):

  • Added: As a user, I can sample from a selected set of data.
  • Added: As a user, I can sync the sample row to a selected feature in the sample data grid.
  • Added: As a user, I can select all of the features from the current sample.
  • Fixed: When sorting a column in the data grid, the selected row position is persisted, causing unexpected zooming.
  • Fixed: When there are no layers in the TOC, the about does not open.
  • Fixed: When switching from one sample to another, the first row in the sample cannot be zoomed to.
  • Fixed: CSV reporting when a single row in the sample is corrupt.

1.1.2 (09/14/2009):

  • Fixed: Unable to connect to GDRS table if connection owner not the same as table owner in Oracle.

1.1.1 (09/09/2009):

  • Fixed: Unhandled Exception when a Feature class in the TOC has a broken data source
  • Fixed: Fails to zoom to/show attributes of a feature.
  • Fixed: Unable to delete an error type.
  • Fixed: Unable to create a sample if a ShapeFile exists in the TOC.
  • Added: As a user, I can view the GDRS table details so that there is no confusion about where the samples are being persisted.

1.1.0 (07/30/2009):

  • Added: As a user, I can create a single sample that includes one or more feature layers in my map.
  • Added: As a manager, I can export the contents of the manange samples view to a CSV file.
  • Added: As a manager or user, I can see when my sample was created.
  • Fixed: Using Field Alias instead of Field Fullname in UI and Export.
  • Fixed: When selecting Advanced Export, the first field in the Select Fields window is always selected.
  • Fixed: When a user selects a sample row via the key board, the map is not updated with the newly selected row.
  • Fixed: Unable to easily edit error comments once you click to another comment cell.

1.0.0 (07/08/2009):

  • Added: As a user, I can install either an Enterprise or Personal version of the product.
  • Added: As a user, I can upgrade my license from Personal to Enterprise allowing me to later upgrade if later need to connect to SDE.
  • Added: As an administrator, I can supply X number or unlimited number of licenses to my users.
  • Updated: License permissions based on Enterprise or Personal.
  • Updated: Help for Version 1.0.0.
  • Fixed: Rejection Size is not set for statistical Samples in the Random Sample Grid UI.
  • Fixed: Sample Break Point does not break correctly.
  • Fixed: When creating a Sample the UI allows me to enter values for both Absolute and Percentage, these should be mutually exclusive.


  • Added: As a manager, I can export error details, allowing me to see the individual errors per sample row.
  • Fixed: When initially loading error details, an exception is thrown.


Note: All samples built before 0.6.0 will need to be rebuilt to support the final Beta Random Sample Table schema changes that have been made.
  • Added: As a Reviewer, I can keep track of different types of errors for each record in a sample, as well as, enter a comment per error.
  • Added: As an Admin, I can edit the error types available for the application.
  • Added: As a Manager, I can assign a reviewer to a sample, so that I can assign individuals to review a sample.
  • Added: Update Random Sample Table schema to better support current and future needs.
  • Fixed: CSV file format is effected by commas in the comments field.
  • Fixed: Randomizer does not seem to be totally random for non-statistical samples.


  • Updated Beta license timeout.


  • Added: As a Reviewer, I will be prompted to save or discard my edits when closing a sample.
  • Added: As a Manager, I can select a sample from the Manager Samples form and export it to html and csv.
  • Added: As a Manager, I can select mulitple samples to export to a csv file.
  • Added: As a Manager, I can select feature attributes to be included in a sample export csv files.
  • Added: As a Manager, I can view the sample details from the Manage Sample View.
  • Added: As a Manager, I can see a percent complete of a sample that is based on the number visited vs the sample size from the Manager Samples View.
  • Fixed: If a user checks "Error Exists" or "Further Action", the check box "Visited" is no longer automatically checked.
  • Fixed: When projection is set different from the data, zoom is failing.
  • Fixed: Creating a sample using a where clause causes an exception.


  • Added: As an Admin, I can view a log of any application error.
  • Added: As a Reviewer, I can export a sample to a csv file.
  • Added: As a Reviewer, I designate a unique identifier other than OBJECTID when creating a sample, so I can base uniqueness per dataset to meet our business needs.
  • Added: As a Reviewer, I can filter to show all and not visited, so I can quickly see the sample rows that still need to be analyzed.
  • Fixed: Feature layers inside group layers do not appear as DataSets for sampling.
  • Fixed: When closing ArcMap, Random Sampler is not unlocking the current sample that the user on.
  • Updated: UI usability and validation associated with sample creation.


  • Fixed: Unable to access Random Sample Table when table is different owner than connection.


Notes: The Random Sampler Table now exists in the connected user workspace and is no longer in the SDE space. Therefore all previous samples will need to be regenerated.
  • Added: A Reviewer can set the sample break point when creating a sample, so the value is not hard coded and can change during the sample creation.
  • Added: As a Reviewer, when I click on a sample row, the map should zoom to that feature and zoom factor should be maintained throughout.
  • Added: As a Reviewer, I can export the html reports and see all available fields in the report as well as all oids.
  • Added: As a Reviewer, I do not want to see any color changes while clicking on sample rows.
  • Added: When the Random Sampler table is created, it will be created in the business section of the data source and not the SDE section.
  • As a user, I can sort by either date or user id when analyzing the samples from the grid.
  • Added: As a Reviewer, I can sample on a feature layer definition if it is present.
  • Fixed: View Attributes is not preserving field visibility settings in ArcMap document.
  • Fixed: Failing to create samples for annotation layers.
  • Architecture: Revamp of architecture allowing for performance improvements and code stability.


  • Updated View Attribute Dialog
  • Bug Fixes