GeoData Random Sampler™ 1.2.1
GeoData Random Sampler - Create Sample

What's New in 1.2.1

Enhanced Sampling Options

GeoData Random Sampler 1.2.0 offers sampling of a selected set of features, such as a set of features based on version differences. This allows users to sample changes that were made for a particular version in a data maintenance environment.


Additionally, version 1.2.0 offers sampling using where clause queries. An example of this would be to select features based on a particular timeframe. These edited features would be sampled at a specified percentage for further review.


Enhanced Sample Interaction

GeoData Random Sampler 1.2.0 also allows for the current sampled features to be selected in ArcMap. The sampled features can be exported to and output feature class or shapefile and attributed as sampled, or sampled from. This function gives the user the ability to visualize features that were sampled for later use, or to sample a subset of a sample for auditing purposes.


Version 1.2.0 also includes the ability to select a feature on the map, then sync to the rows in the sample. This function is useful when inspecting multiple feature classes in a specified geographic area, where the features are being reviewed for completeness.



GeoData Random Sampler™ is a lightweight ArcMap extension that allows users to install and start analyzing samples within minutes.

GeoData Random Sampler™ allows analysts to sample data using statistical (based on MIL-STD-105E/ ANSI ASQ Z1.4-2003), percentage, absolute value and where clause sample methods.

Create a Sample

Samples are created by selecting a sampling method and applying sample parameters. One or more samples can be created. Each sample can also be broken into multiple samples based on a user defined break point allowing multiple users to work simultaneously on larger samples.

Manage Samples

Samples are managed through the user interface. A sample can be assigned to a particular user on the system. At any given time a manager can see how many samples are being processed, the number of features in the samples, the number of features visited and the number of errors detected. A percent complete for each sample is derived from the ratio of the number of features visited and the number of features in the sample.

Once a sample is create the analyst can quickly move through the sample by clicking rows in the sample and automatically zooming to the selected feature. Attributes of the selected feature can be viewed. If errors exist for the sampled features, they can be added with the error dialog. Random Sampler offers a configurable list of error types for easy error categorization.

Export Samples and Error Details

At any point in the sampling process, the sample information can be exported to a comma separated file for analysis. Daily reporting can be performed on samples to track progress and error information. Final error analysis can be performed to give an overall confidence score for the data.

Personal and Enterprise Editions

Geodata Random Sampler has two editions with various geodatabase support; Personal and Enterprise. The Personal Edition allows for sampling of Personal Geodatabase feature classes only. The Enterpise Edition allow sampling of both Personal and SDE feature classes.


  • .Net 3.5 SP1
  • 9.3 SP1/ 9.3.1