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All of Laurel Hill's software products are developed following our Agile Practices helping to deliver more stable and responsive applications.

Your analysis and applications are only as good as your data!

Laurel Hill provides a suite of GIS Quality Assurance applications that helps customers audit the quality of their data. Whether you are receiving incremental data deliveries from a data conversion company or if you need a continual assessment of the health of your geodatabase, the GeoData Product Suite can provide automated assistance reducing costly, inaccurate manual analysis and seeing an immediate positive return on your investment.

GeoData Sentry™ 3.4

GeoData Sentry is an automated Quality Control/Quality Assurance application for ESRI© ArcGIS™ geodatabases. GeoData Sentry helps to detect and report errors related to attribute validity, referential integrity, spatial relationships and logical connectivity. GeoData Sentry has three different Editions with various test availability and geodatabase support, Personal, Professional and Enterprise Edition. Click on the details link for more information.


GeoData Modeler ™ 1.0

GeoData Modeler ™ is a product for reporting, comparing and management of the geodatabase schema. In minutes you can create a powerful report of geodatabase conetents in a user friendly Excel format. Additionally, an HTML report format is available so that the geodatabase information can easily be chared within the enterprise. Geodatabase to geodatabase comparisons reveal even the slightest differences which could only be found by painstaking visual side by side comparisons. Finally, data model updates are fully automated, where all that is necessary is to update cells in an Excel worksheet, then apply them to one or more geodatabases. Each change can be tracked with change meta data for tracability back to the change requirements. Click on the details link for more information.

GeoData Random Sampler™ 1.3

GeoData Random Sampler™ is a lightweight ArcMap extension that allows users to install and start analyzing samples within minutes. GeoData Random Sampler™ allows analysts to sample data using statistical (based on MIL-STD-105E/ ANSI ASQ Z1.4-2003), percentage, absolute value and where clause sample methods. Click on the details link for more information.