Migration Support

Laurel Hill GIS can help ensure that your migration to ESRI's® ArcGIS geodatabase is a success. We will help you determine the best methods for migrating your data and assess the quality of your data before and after the migration.

We offer the following services to support the success of your data migration:

Migration Data Assessment

Laurel Hill GIS will help assess the condition of your current data sets. Together, we will determine if the data is prepared for migration to the geodatabase. Understanding the state of your current data and correcting migration critical errors before the migration process begins will save you time and money.

Data Migration Specification Development

Laurel Hill GIS will create a data migration specification that maps your current data structure (i.e. feature types, attributes, and relationships) to your geodatabase schema. The data migration specification document is the blueprint for creating data that is ready to load into your geodatabase.